Supporting staff after trauma

This is a debriefing support offered to groups who have been recently impacted by a traumatic incident or event.

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This is for any group of employees recently impacted by a traumatic or frightening event. 

This support is a type of group debriefing aimed to educate individuals to recognise and understand normal reactions to traumatic incidents or stressful events, whilst giving awareness of support and giving a space to be heard and listened to by others involved or impacted by the incident. Group debriefing is offered directly following traumatic incidents as a means of supporting employees. It is usually an emergency support and as such timings, format and group sizes will be agreed ad-hoc.

  • Process difficult feelings and emotions associated with trauma
  • Recognise what support is available
  • Understand what you might be experiencing and why
  • Recognise symptoms that might later develop

Variable and case-by-case

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