Strategy audit, report and recommendations

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HR personnel, learning and development, leadership or anyone leading the wellbeing agenda.

We audit your business and provide you with a RAG report with recommendations for strategy improvement and implementation benchmarked against industry best practice. This follows three stages:

  1. Cultural audit via employee engagement – We have created an employee engagement audit which is aligned to our cultural change framework and to best practice industry standards. We audit specific areas that provide us with valuable data as to what is going well and what needs focus within your business around mental health and wellbeing. We engage with your employees through a survey to obtain this data meaning your employees are included, involved and have a voice

  2. Strategy report with employee need analysis and recommendations – We produce an extensive report with recommendations which set out what you can do to better support all employees. The report covers mental health awareness, communication, leadership visibility, support needs, reporting, management competency and staff confidence. The report also includes a stress test of your employees and a needs analysis by age and gender

  3. Guidance on implementation – We provide some guidance on where to start, how to align the findings to your existing strategic aims and principles and what to do short, medium and long term 
  • An extensive strategy review report with recommendations
  • Newly defined strategic aims and principles based on best practice
  • A happy employee base who feel involved in your wellbeing vision

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