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    We review and write your health-related policies, implement processes that support good practices and help you with your wellbeing strategy

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Policy and strategy

Too many organisations are neglecting health and wellbeing from the top down and are unaware of the hidden costs of poor health on the bottom line and on their employees’ health and safety. 

“Employers who invest in staff wellbeing can expect a 400% return on investment (ROI)…”
“…that’s an average return of £5 for every £1 spent (5:1)”
Employers can also expect qualitative savings when it comes to value on investment (VOI)…
“…including job satisfaction, employee morale, reduced health risks, increased productivity, effectiveness and happiness”
“50% employers don’t have a wellbeing strategy, only 1 in 10 have a defined mental health strategy”
“3 in 4 employers are concerned about the impact of high-pressure working environments on wellbeing”
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How we support you:

We offer the following support benchmarked against best practice strategic frameworks:

Strategy audit, report and recommendations

We audit your business wellbeing approach then provide you with a RAG report with recommendations for strategy improvement and implementation…

Policy review, write and implement

We ensure you have the right policies in place to support wellbeing, including mental health, suicide prevention, sickness absence…

Process monitor, review and improve

We help you with the implementation of processes, including reporting and KPI’s, engagement surveys, one-to-one and appraisals…

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We provide extensive support around all these areas to ensure your leaders are conscious, your managers are competent, your employees and confident and your processes are consistent. All our services are aligned to this model of change.