Proactively managing mental health programme

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This session is for anyone in a line-management position.

This interactive programme dives deep into the subject of managing mental health at work from a line-managers perspective. Managers need to know how to proactively manage mental health in their teams before problems develop and know how to manage sickness and related issues when they arise, and this programme equips managers proactively and reactively. The programme has two parts; mental health awareness and taking action using our well known TALK©  framework.

Part 1 – Mental health awareness

  • The business case & the impact of the pandemic on mental health
  • Eradicating stigma and discrimination
  • Stress management advanced tools
  • Types of mental health problems in today’s world; anxiety, depression, health anxiety, OCD
  • Preventing burnout and promoting work/life balance

Part 2 – Taking action 

  • Communication framework model using TALK© 
  • Temperature checking, early intervention and managing disclosure
  • Active listening, sickness absence and return to work
  • Leading by example, leadership model
  • Knowing when to signpost, internal and external support
  • Management competent to support mental health and wellbeing in teams
  • Confidence to talk about mental health and wellbeing at work, reducing stigma
  • Improved manager-employee relationships, reduced conflict and sickness
  • Can be delivered as either:
    1. Full day training programme
    2. 12-month behavioural change programme
  • Up to 18 delegates
  • Interactive delivery using polls, chat, breakout discussions

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