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    We offer a broad range of support and training programmes specifically for line managers and those that have responsibility for others

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Management competency

Managers have a duty of care to manage the wellbeing of their employees and to create positive working environments. Having a competent management team creates a proactive culture, improving staff wellbeing and alleviating the pressure from HR reacting to unmanaged problems.

“84% managers accept that employee wellbeing is their responsibility, but only 24% have received training in mental health”
“51% of employees would not be comfortable talking to their line manager about their wellbeing”
“1 in 3 employees feel that negative work relationships are the cause of their mental health symptoms at work”
“51% of managers admitted viewing a worker who is mentally unwell a ‘liability’”
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How we support you:

We offer a broad range of training programmes specifically for managers at all levels:

Proactively managing mental health programme

Our most popular management course, giving line-managers awareness and tools to support staff mental health and wellbeing day-to-day…

Beat burnout - managers

Giving managers clear means of identifying burnout behaviours, triggers, preventative measures, and steps to taking action within the team…

Strengthening my team's resilience

Giving managers practical tools to build and develop resilience in themselves and within their teams, specifically when faced with challenges…

Supporting staff back to work

Giving managers the confidence to integrate employees back into the business in a safe way following any period of leave…

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We provide extensive support around all these areas to ensure your leaders are conscious, your managers are competent, your employees and confident and your processes are consistent. All our services are aligned to this model of change.