Inclusive leadership programme

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This session is for anyone leading or managing an organisation or team, usually, but not limited to: senior executives, management and HR personnel.

Leadership in a truly inclusive way is essential for successful business outcomes, but it can be a complicated and confusing task. Increased globalisation also requires cultural competence. This programme will inform, motivate, and equip senior leaders to lead with positive example and implement inclusive practices and strategies in their organisations. The online version is highly interactive with whiteboard activities, annotation exercises, polls, quizzes, self-reflective practice, group work, discussions, and practical examples/ scenarios as well as some short videos. 

The face-to-face sessions incorporate walking wall activities, information stands, gamification and challenges. Delegates will be engaged throughout to keep concentration levels high and to create profound learning experiences.

Masterclass 1: Mental health and wellbeing awareness for senior leaders 

  • Principles of human thought, emotion and behaviour processes
  • The brain in balance and wellbeing
  • Emotional intelligence and empathy
  • Stress responses and links to mental illness
  • Wellbeing and mental health conditions
  • Link between wellbeing and performance
  • Understanding impacts on business (financial, CSR, reputation, talent retention etc.)
  • Practical applications
  • Leading by example
  • Compassionate leadership

 Masterclass 2: Inclusive leadership and engagement

  • Understanding motivation, engagement and discretionary effort
  • Alignment of personal and organisational goals
  • Understanding the link to sustainable performance and wellbeing
  • Understanding benefits and risks
  • Tools and techniques to drive engagement
  • Understanding differences between equity, diversity and inclusion 
  • Understanding the dimensions of diversity
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion and driving better business outcomes
  • Understand thinking processes and unconscious bias 
  • Identify helpful and hindering aspects for inclusive leadership practice
  • Key traits and leadership capabilities for inclusion
  • Applying emotional intelligence to inclusive leadership 

Masterclass 3: Cultural awareness/ competence and creating sustainable impact

  • Understand the need for cultural inclusion
  • Understand aspects of culture and cultural dimensions
  • Understand cultural dimensions, possible barriers and own, individual position
  • Applying frame of reference in multi-cultural contexts
  • Increasing cultural sensitivity
  • Understanding business impacts including possible conflicts and opportunities
  • Practical applications to communication and interaction to increase cultural competency
  • Understanding how emotional intelligence, wellbeing, performance, engagement and inclusion work together
  • Self-reflective practice and meta-thinking
  • Exploring personal, team and organisational impacts
  • Working on communications and interactions for maximum impact
  • Design of an effective, tailored action plan
  • Increased knowledge and confidence around managing mental health
  • Increased competence around engagement, motivation, emotional intelligence and EDI
  • Increased cultural awareness and leveraging cultural competence for improved business outcomes
  • Improved key leadership qualities to take action and practical applications
  • 3 x 3 hour sessions
  • Up to 16 delegates
  • Highly interactive sessions (online and face to face)

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