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    We offer a broad range of support and training programmes specifically for senior leaders and executive-level managers within a company

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Leadership responsibility

Leaders drive the values, ethics, beliefs and behaviours that become absorbed into the shared cultural belief system of a business. Having a conscious leadership team can result in the difference between a toxic culture and a healthy thriving culture.

“Up to 75% of leaders now have employee wellbeing on their agenda”
“62% of employees want leadership to speak openly about mental health”
“87% of millennials are motivated by the emotional intelligence (EQ) of their leaders”
“95% of business entrepreneurs state that EQ in leadership is more important than IQ”
"More than three quarters of business leaders (78%) have experienced poor mental health during the pandemic”
“1 in 10 business leaders report feeling burned out”
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How we support you:

We offer a broad range of training programmes specifically for leaders:

Creating a mentally healthy culture

Giving leadership visibility around the wellbeing agenda, covering the importance of role modelling, responsibilities and culture change…

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders

Giving leaders increased self-awareness and interpersonal skills resulting in improved team engagement, motivation, trust and better work relationships…

Managing difficult conversations and staying well

Giving HR and change leaders the tools to manage difficult conversations around change, conflict, redundancies etc. whilst staying well themselves…

Inclusive leadership programme

Giving leaders an understanding around engagement, motivation, equity, diversity and inclusion. Aiming to challenge unconscious bias and power imbalances…

HR looking after ourselves and others

Programme for HR personnel to first prioritise their own wellbeing, whilst having a framework for managing common and complex cases…  

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We provide extensive support around all these areas to ensure your leaders are conscious, your managers are competent, your employees and confident and your processes are consistent. All our services are aligned to this model of change.