Policy and process document and implementation

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This policy/process is for all mental health first aiders and/or mental health and safety ambassadors.

We can write you a process document, which will include roles and responsibilities and how to turn the skills learnt from the training into practice in the workplace. We can present this to your network as a live working document.

  • The responsibilities of a first aider/ambassador
  • Supporting others in the business
  • Keeping yourself safe and well
  • How to communicate concerns around wellbeing
  • Following company policies
  • Upholding your role 
  • How to confidentially log conversations
  • Establishing appropriate boundaries between yourself and colleagues you may be supporting
  • Refreshing your skills every three years
  • The organisational responsibilities
  • Support available
  • A best practice policy document for your network
  • A process to embed the role of first aider/ambassador into your business
First Aid

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