Mental health and safety refresher

3 hours

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This session is for mental health and safety ambassadors to maintain their skills with regular refresher training.  

Enabling your mental health and safety ambassadors to refresh their skills is a great way to ensure that their commitment is maintained and their knowledge is up-to-date. It also shows the organisation is serious about supporting mental health. 

  • Mental health currently
  • Remembering how to put on your oxygen mask (self-care)
  • Recap on the SPEAK©  framework
  • Case studies to deepen learning
  • Live supervision
  • Updated support
  • Renewal of skills 
  • Updated knowledge of mental health
  • More practice applying the SPEAK©  framework
  • 3 hours
  • Between 6 and 25 delegates
  • Interactive delivery using polls, chat, breakout discussions
First Aid

“MASK protocol is meaningful for me as I was not able to draw boundaries. Was given 200% of myself each time I provided support. Now that I have the tools, that’s so great for my self wellbeing.”-


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