Mental health and safety ambassador (MHSA) certified training

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This programme is workplace specific and certifies delegates as mental health and safety ambassadors. The course consists of four live sessions. In between sessions delegates are set an “application of learning task” to take back to the workplace to deepen practice and embed learning. These learning tasks include self-care reflection, getting mental health on the agenda at work and managing disclosure at work.

Session 1 – Awareness (3 hours)

  •       Mental health awareness and the business case
  •       Stress management in the workplace
  •       Common mental health problems
  •       Understanding anxiety and depressive disorders
  •       Managing panic and supporting PTSD
  •       Promoting recovery 

Session 2 – Self-care (3 hours)

  •       Mental health awareness and the business case
  •       The ambassador oxygen MASK© framework
  •       The blind side of empathy and empathy fatigue
  •       Implementing self-care, making it habit
  •       Creating an inclusive stigma-free culture

Session 3 – Taking action (3 hours)

  •       Covering the SPEAK©  framework:
  •       Safety & risk (covering suicide first aid, risk assessing and when to break confidentiality) 
  •       Proact (how to take a proactive approach, getting health on the agenda)
  •       Empathise and listen (communication, active listening and managing difficult conversations) 
  •       Agree actions (how to structure a meeting, start, middle and end) 
  •       Know when to signpost (including boundaries and responsibilities)

 Session 4 – Deepening application (3 hours)

  •       Applying everything we have learnt in your workplace
  •       Mental health & performance
  •       Common and complex case studies
  •       Managing high risk flow chart
  •       Best practice tips for a thriving network of MHSA’s
  •       In depth understanding of mental health & wellbeing and how it links to the workplace
  •       Increased awareness and confidence to challenge stigma appropriately, assess risk and promote inclusivity
  •       Confidence to have a proactive conversation, manage disclosure and know how and when to signpost
  •       12 hours live learning (delivered in 4 x 3 hour modules)
  •       Delegates are given short integration tasks between modules
  •       Between 12 and 16 delegates
  •       Interactive delivery using polls, chat, breakout discus
First Aid

“It was useful reflecting on the right methods to use when confronting these issues. Often it’s too easy to end up ‘hi-jacking’ conversations and applying personal examples, which is often not the most helpful approach. Understanding about the classifications of mental illnesses outside of the more popular ones seen in the media (depression/anxiety), and also reflecting on how these are stigmatised against was helpful. Overall, I feel as though this has helped me understand my place as a mental health ally and ambassador, and given me confidence to know where my influence should start and end.”-


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