Mental Health & Safety
Ambassador Training Course

Empower Your Team With Our Mental Health & Safety Ambassador Training

Introducing our groundbreaking Mental Health & Safety Ambassador Training – a game-changing program designed to promote mental health, safety, and inclusion within their workplace.

Through a series of comprehensive sessions, participants become certified mental health and safety ambassadors, leading the charge in fostering a positive, supportive, and thriving work culture.

This training addresses the critical issue of mental health and wellbeing in today’s fast-paced work environment. It directly tackles important issues in the workplace, such as:

Lack of Mental Health Awareness: Many workplaces lack an understanding of mental health issues and their impact on productivity and overall wellbeing.

Stigma and Inclusivity: Stigma surrounding mental health prevents open conversations, leading to exclusion and misunderstanding among employees.

Burnout and Stress: Employees often struggle with stress and burnout, affecting their performance and overall happiness.

Global Collaboration Challenges: Diverse teams struggle to communicate effectively across cultural and geographical boundaries, hindering teamwork and cohesion.


The Strategic Wellbeing Advantage

Unlike standard off-the-shelf offerings, our Mental Health & Safety Ambassador training is delivered by highly qualified and experienced trained counsellors, and designed to get you fast, noticeable results.

Active Ambassador Network

We guarantee a responsive, engaged network of ambassadors who actively drive change in your workplace.

Tailored to
Your Needs

Our program is customised to your industry, addressing specific challenges and ensuring maximum impact.


Our training goes beyond checkboxes, instilling genuine engagement and igniting meaningful transformation.

To summarise, our cutting-edge training equips your team with the skills to champion mental health, safety, and inclusion in the workplace, creating a ripple effect of positive change across your organisation.

It breaks down barriers and cultivates understanding within diverse teams, fostering a harmonious work environment that thrives on collaboration. It ensures consistency across your organisation with a singular approach to mental health, with every department, branch, and team aligned.

What is included in the training?

Our training is tailored to meet your needs – there are no one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter solutions here. It’s tuned to your industry’s unique needs, guaranteeing a customized approach that yields exceptional results.

Unlike other programs, our ambassadors don’t just fade into the background. They form a dynamic, responsive network, ready to fuel your mental health agenda with real, impactful action. Your ambassadors won’t just tick boxes; they’ll drive tangible, lasting change that transforms your organization’s culture.

The training is delivered through four comprehensive live sessions, each focusing on distinct aspects. Each session is designed for active engagement, featuring polls, chat discussions, and breakout sessions. The 12-hour program is delivered in four 3-hour modules, with integration tasks to reinforce learning between sessions. 

We train 12-16 participants in each cohort.

Covering mental health awareness, stress management, and common mental health issues.

  • Mental health awareness and the business case
  • Stress management in the workplace
  • Common mental health issues and neurodiversity
  • Understanding anxiety and depressive disorders
  • Managing panic and supporting PTSD
  • Promoting recovery

Creating a stigma-free culture, self-care strategies, and prioritising wellbeing.

  • The blind side of empathy and empathy fatigue
  • The ambassador oxygen MASK© framework
  • Make time for yourself, prioritising your wellbeing
  • Avoid flat battery, recognising burnout
  • Supervision support through peer network
  • Keep your needs prioritised

Introducing the SPEAK©  framework:

Safety, high risk cases and confidentiality
Proact, getting health on the agenda
Empathise, active listening and questioning
Agree actions, structuring a meeting
Know when to signpost, boundaries and responsibilities

Applying learning in the workplace, addressing complex cases, and managing high-risk situations.

  • Applying everything we have learnt in your workplace
  • Mental health & performance
  • Common and complex case studies
  • Managing high risk flow chart
  • Best practice tips for a thriving network of MHSA’s 

At the end of the training, your team will have learned the following:

  • In depth understanding of mental health & wellbeing and how it links to the workplace
  • Increased awareness and confidence to challenge stigma appropriately, assess risk and promote inclusivity
  • Confidence to have a proactive conversation, manage disclosure and know how and when to signpost
  •  12 hours live learning (delivered in 4 x 3 hour modules)
  • Delegates are given short integration tasks between modules
  • Between 12 and 16 delegates
  • Interactive delivery using polls, chat, breakout discuss

Unlike standard off-the-shelf products that often fall short, our Mental Health Training avoids common pitfalls:

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