Suicide Prevention Awareness

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This session is for all employees.

Did you know that 1 in every 100 deaths worldwide is the result of suicide, 17% of the general population have had suicidal thoughts and 1 in 15 people have made a suicide attempt at some point in their lives?

Suicide is widespread and needs to be spoken about.

The purpose of this session is to give participants awareness around suicide and its prevalence and confidence to have a conversation and support someone proactively with the aim to reduce unnecessary suffering and deaths.

  • Global awareness of suicide 
  • Suicide and stigma, demystifying common myths
  • Understanding the four stages of suicide and risk associated with each stage
  • What to do or say if someone is struggling, looking at best practice listening and communication tips
  • How to support yourself
  • Understanding of the prevalence of suicide
  • Increased confidence to have a conversation with someone who is experiencing suicidal ideation
  • Tools to support yourself if struggling
  • 90-minute workshop
  • Up to 18 delegates
  • Interactive delivery using polls, chat, breakout discussions

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