Mental health awareness – supporting myself and my peers

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This session is for all employees.

The workshop is designed to give staff the tools to manage their own mental health and wellbeing, have the confidence to support their peers and disclose to their manager if they are struggling. Participants are provided tools, techniques and ideas to embed learning post training, with the emphasis on process improvement, team support and culture change. The programme has two parts; mental health awareness and the employee toolbox, using our well known TALK© framework.

Part 1 – Mental health awareness

  • Awareness, the mental health continuum and business case
  • Stress management and mental health, the link between the two 
  • Common mental health issues, spotting the signs, noticing a decline in mental health
  • Stigma at work- how to challenge this as an employee
  • Burnout and exhaustion, looking at ways to keep balanced and prevent burnout

Part 2 – Toolbox for employees 

  • How to TALK©  to my manager and workmates about mental health
  • Temperature checking and disclosing to management
  • Active listening and supporting my workmates
  • Looking after myself, including mindfulness and CBT techniques
  • Knowing how to access support in and out of work
  • Tools to stay well, reducing risk of sickness and improving productivity
  • Confidence to communicate with team and manager about mental health 
  • Understanding how to reframe negative thinking and where to seek support
  • Can be delivered as either:
    1. Full day training programme
    2. Half day session
  • Up to 18 delegates
  • Interactive delivery using polls, chat, breakout discussions

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