Goodbye imposter syndrome

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This session is for all employees, particularly those who experience imposter feelings.

Imposter syndrome can be defined as feeling like a fraud and doubting your accomplishments and abilities, despite what others tell you. It often affects high-achieving people and people in minority groups. The purpose of this webinar is to give participants clear means of identifying; what imposter syndrome is, the knock-on impact this can have at work, and how to take action and build confidence.

  • What is imposter syndrome, do you feel like a fraud?
  • Why do I feel this way, self-reflection on what goes on internally and how this can impact productivity
  • 11 negative programmes we receive which are at the root of imposter syndrome
  • Discounting your success, the vicious cycle of self-criticism
  • Cultivating confidence and stepping into your power, say goodbye to imposter syndrome
  • The STAR© framework for authentic feedback
  • Increased awareness around signs and limitations of imposter syndrome
  • Understanding of how imposter syndrome feels and how it can impact productivity 
  • Tools to combat imposter syndrome and support others experiencing it
  • A 90-minute session 
  • Up to 18 delegates
  • Interactive delivery using polls, chat, breakout discussions

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