Developing confident parents and professionals

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This session is for any employee who is a parent/caregiver or for a manager supporting a parent/caregiver

There’s nothing more life changing than embarking on the role of a parent. Roles, routines, responsibilities, wellbeing, mental health, self-care, identities and more can all be turned upside down. Becoming a parent immediately requires adoption of a completely new skillset, as well as a new identity, and is beset with multiple challenges. This course aims to help parents realise the new skillsets they gain and find ways to apply these within the workplace to build confidence. It also aims to encourage workplace inclusivity and understanding relating to parenting and the issues parents face.  

  • An overview of the issues parents face at work 
  • Understanding different perspectives and nurturing clear communication between parents and non-parents including those struggling to have families 
  • Overcoming challenges both practical and psychological 
  • The four different types of parenting styles and their impact on the workplace
  • Boundary setting and clear communication  
  • Analysis of new skills developed and how to apply them in the workplace 
  • Developing and sustaining confident parents
  • Nurturing deeper understanding of the issues parents may face in the workplace
  • Practical tools and techniques for managing the work/family juggle
  • How to optimize new skillsets gained from parenting and apply in the workplace 
  • Deeper self-awareness and reflection around dual roles and identities 
  • Can be delivered as either:
    1. 90-minute workshop (up to 18 delegates)
    2. Half a day session (8 delegates)
  • Interactive delivery using polls, chat, breakout discussions

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