Coping with fertility challenges in the workplace

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1 in 6 people can struggle with their fertility at any one time and most of these individuals are employed. The fertility journey can be extremely difficult for many people and can have an all-encompassing effect on lives inside and outside work. It is often invisible to others and many end up living a secretive dual life at work and in their private lives. 

No matter where an individual is on the journey there will be emotional difficulties to endure as well as logistical challenges around booking appointments and taking time off work. Stages of grief, excitement, optimism and pessimism can coexist. People often feel as though they are riding an emotional rollercoaster. This can all mean coming to work and performing at the expected level can be especially challenging at times. 

This course will help to breakdown stigma around fertility challenges and encourage greater understanding. 

  • The different types of fertility challenges individuals may experience 
  • The all-encompassing effects of fertility difficulties and what this means in the workplace 
  • Techniques for dealing with the emotional rollercoaster that individuals might experience
  • How to best support your colleagues/managers/direct reports if they are experiencing fertility difficulties 
  • Ways of cultivating a safe talking space to share challenges and stories 
  • Break down stigma to find constructive ways to talk to your employers/managers about what you need to aid you in your fertility journey 
  • Explore coping mechanisms for when times are hard and discover what you need and how to communicate what you need to your employers 
  • Equip delegates with tools to know how best to support a friend or colleague experiencing fertility issues 
  • Connect those who may need support in a safe and supportive environment 
  • Can be delivered as either:
    1. 90-minute workshop (up to 18 delegates)
    2. Half a day session (8 delegates)
  • Interactive delivery using polls, chat, breakout discussions

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