Beat Burnout - Employees

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This session is for all employees.

The purpose of this session is to give participants clear means of identifying; early hidden indicators of burnout, triggers, preventative measures and steps to taking action.

  • My burnout barometer, recognising my own current “burnout temperature”
  • The 5 blind spots of burnout, the unconscious behaviours that can lead to exhaustion
  • 5 strategies for overcoming burnout and installing “allowers”
  • 12 energy hacks for recharging the battery
  • How to talk about burnout at work, the courage of conversations
  • Increased accountability, ownership and authority of our energy 
  • Tools and confidence to manage burnout at work and talk to my manager
  • Can be delivered as either:
    1. 90-minute workshop
    2. Half-day workshop
  • Up to 18 delegates 
  • Interactive delivery using polls, chat, breakout discussions

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