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    We offer a broad range of support and training programmes specifically for all employees within a business at any level or position
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Employee confidence

All employees have the accountability to look after their own health and wellbeing, but must be given the tools, support and permission to feel confident to do so. Having confident employees allows staff to bring their whole true self to work, creates peer support, inclusion and empowers employees to step up and be part of the change.

“1 in 6 people globally experience the symptoms of a mental health disorder at any one time”
“9 out of 10 employees showed concern for burnout, making this the number one issue for employees over the last year”
“The third highest concern for employees last year was work-life balance”
“Work-related stress, depression or anxiety accounts for 50% of all work related ill health, even through the pandemic”
“Inclusive teams make better business decisions twice as fast and deliver 60% better results”
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How we support you:

We offer a broad range of training programmes specifically for employees at all levels:

Mental health awareness – supporting myself and my peers

Giving employees tools to look after their mental health, recognising stress and problems developing with a framework for talking about mental health at work…

Beat burnout for employees

Giving employees awareness as to how burned out they are, behaviours that cause burnout with strategies for overcoming burnout and recharging ourselves…

Seven steps to work-life balance

Giving employees an in-depth practical framework that can be immediately applied to build boundaries and balance in today’s world…

Goodbye imposter syndrome

Giving an understanding of where imposter syndrome comes from, how it manifests at work and how to manage it and support others…

Supporting myself back to work

Giving employees the confidence to return to work, manage any fears of anxiety and disclose to management about any difficulties…

Building happy healthy habits

Harnessing the science of neuroplasticity and habit building to create happiness in life and at work, with practical takeaways for all…

Nature and wellbeing

Understanding the relationship between nature and health, helping employees to reconnect and re-wild through the natural world to improve wellbeing…

Self care for carers and parents

Giving carers and parents tools to care for themselves whilst managing their roles as carers, including peer to peer support…

The elephant in the room – combatting stigma

Recognising and challenging stigma and prejudice around mental health and wellbeing at work with an action plan for all to make change happen…

Navigating uncertainty through building resilience

Understanding our emotional responses to change and uncertainty, with tools and techniques for employees to strengthen resilience and regain control…

Combatting Loneliness

Understand the impact of loneliness, the importance of staying connected and how to combat isolation…

Suicide Prevention Awareness

Increasing awareness around suicide and its prevalence, know how to support someone proactively reducing unnecessary suffering…

The power of exercise to motivate the mind

A session for all employees on using exercise to achieve a healthy, motivated mind and practical habits for movement at work… 

Cultivating compassion at work

Giving employees a clear framework on challenging negative self-talk and developing compassion to cope with workplace challenges …

Coping with fertility challenges in the workplace

 session for all employees to support themselves, or provide support to colleagues, who are experiencing fertility challenges and tools for how to cope in the workplace…

Understanding and managing menopause at work

Raising awareness of menopause and the physical, psychological and organisational impact whilst working, including good practice workplace procedures and support

Developing confident parents and professionals

 Overcoming parental/caregiver challenges, understanding issues parents/caregivers face at work with tools for overcoming these issues   

Navigating the cost of living crisis

A session for all employees providing practical tips on how to manage the cost of living crisis

How to achieve Financial wellbeing and achieve the life you want

A session for all employees to introduce financial wellbeing and provide tips and tools on how to achieve financial wellbeing.

All of our employee sessions are also suitable for managers looking after their own wellbeing.

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We provide extensive support around all these areas to ensure your leaders are conscious, your managers are competent, your employees and confident and your processes are consistent. All our services are aligned to this model of change.