Counselling pay-as-you-go

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Make a booking enquiry

All employees.

Organisations can also obtain an agreed number of counselling hours via tokens that can be redeemed by employees themselves by submitting an application with us. This gives employees the autonomy to take control of the booking themselves and allows them to choose a counsellor without the need of the business scheduling on their behalf. How this works:

  1. The organisation contacts us and agrees on a maximum number of counselling sessions they want to have on offer
  2. Strategic Wellbeing provides the organisation with a unique code that can be shared with employees who are offered this service
  3. The employee reaches out to Strategic Wellbeing direct by completing an enquiry form and inputting the unique code. The form gives them the option to choose their counsellor and propose their availability
  4. At the end of the month, Strategic Wellbeing will invoice the organisation for the number of sessions utilised, so you only pay for what you use. No personally identifiable employee data is shared with the organisation to protect confidentiality, only uptake of sessions.
  • Gives employees autonomy to manage their own boking for a counsellor 
  • Gives the organisation financial savings compared to membership models as you only pay for what you use
  • Gives employees a safe space to talk to a trained counsellor/psychotherapist/mental health practitioner 
  • Creates a fast-track referral pathway within the organisation to support individuals who may be struggling or feel particularly vulnerable 


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