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    Welcome to Welliversity, a virtual learning platform integrating psychology, science and workplace wellbeing for sustained change and academic excellence. All of our programmes are developed by experienced psychotherapists, psychologists, and health experts to ensure your employees receive the highest quality and most professional experience possible. Available as single purchase through Welliversity or for integration into your LMS via SCORM licencing.
    Learning that fits <span style="color:#f3c74e">your busy schedule</span>

Programmes consist of:

Bite-sized engaging videos
Scenario based gamification
Downloadable processes and content
Delegates join a learning community


Proactively Managing Mental Health & Wellbeing

Equip managers and leaders with the skills to support team wellbeing, lead effectively from Adult, manage disclosure, foster empathy, and maintain their own wellbeing.

For: Managers and Leaders
£195 per person (single purchase)
Scalability: SCORM files available for licensing at a lower cost per person.

Strategies for Stress

This programme equips delegates with tools, strategies and support to manage stress proactively, supporting themselves in the workplace for better motivation.

For: All employees
Cost: Coming Soon

Mental Health Awareness - Induction Programme

Integrate every employee into a mentally healthy workplace, raising awareness round mental health, supporting self and peers and accessing support.

For: All employees
Cost: Coming Soon