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    Our vision is to rehumanise the workplace. We help businesses to restore human qualities at work, eradicate stigma and inequality and increase wellbeing and productivity. We achieve this through mental health and workplace wellbeing training programmes and strategic partnerships. 

    Mental Health Training  <br><span style="color:#f3c74e"> Workplace Wellbeing</span>

Delivering workplace wellbeing across the following areas to ensure change is sustained:

Your senior leaders will act as role models in the business, prioritising workplace wellbeing & supporting cultural change

Your management team will be upskilled to proactively manage mental health, support neurodiversity, wellbeing, communication, change & conflict

Your employees will be trained in mental health awareness, stress management & work-life balance resulting in improved productivity & enhanced wellbeing

You will receive a best practice wellbeing strategy aligned to your culture, with policies and procedures positioned to support day-to-day change

Your business will gain access to a confidential pay-as-you-go mental health counselling, psychotherapy & coaching support for employees

Your employees will be trained as mental health first aiders  and your business will have access to emergency trauma support

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Featured Programme:

“Mental Health & Safety Ambassador Training” Our new champion programme.

We care about the planet and its people

We plant a tree for every workshop delivered supporting reforestation

We donate to school children and teachers in impoverished communities

We support mental health charity staff by subsidising services

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